The Udemy course is going well. It’s not my favourite way to buy courses though. I like to be able to download the videos and put them on my household intranet so they can be played without having to log in. Udemy does allow you to download videos, but it gives you very low resolution copies, which is great to avoid piracy, but hopeless if you want to read any text on the screen.

So, I have uploaded all my videos to Gumroad  gumroad a platform for selling stuff, including video files. There was just one video I couldn’t find a copy of, Terce during Christmastide, which I have fallen back on Udemy’s low resolution copy. Fortunately, that video has no text on the screen, just a few of my family and the Christmas tree.

Gumroad looks like an interesting way to sell things. New Advent sells a downloadable version of their website through them. They also provide a special feature where you can choose what to pay, with or without a minimum amount. However, if you would like to pay less, use the Discount Code : “thanks” for (AU)$5 off.