Ave María

Officium Parvum Beatae Mariae Virginis

Collecting information about the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary, particularly how it is sung.

You can get my video course on Singing the Little Office in Latin either:

via Gumroad  gumroad   or   via Udemy  udemy

Gumroad is more for sharing files and gives you access to the videos directly. Udemy is a learning platform which keeps track of which lessons you have watched.

Gumroad also gives you the option to become an affiliate and get a third of the proceeds each time someone signs up for the course using your link. Sign up here.


The latest copies of the booklets ready to print. These are still under development. Please let me know if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions.

PDFs: MatinsLaudsPrimeTerceSextNoneVespersCompline or Old layoutAll the Hours!

Recordings (mp3/m4a): LaudsPrimeTerceSextNoneVespersSalve Regina, solemn, Salve Regina, simple, Regina Caeli, simple


A work in progress - the idea is to make all the variations available as podcast episodes for you to download on your phone and pray along to.

Podcast at Anchor  anchor

The plan is to begin each title for each hour with a short code to help you find the right recording. I estimate there will be over 60 recordings required to cover the hours.

The first letter indicates the hour: M, L, P, T, S, N, V, C - that should be fairly self-explanatory. Modifications for Advent, Christmas and Paschaltide are given with the letters A, N (for Nativitas) and P. Modifications for Septuagesima (Laus tibi Domine and no Alleluias) is indicated by the number 70. Matins takes a few more variables. 1 = Sunday, Monday, Thursday; 2 = Tuesday, Friday; 3 = Wednesday, Saturday. TD indicates the Te Deum.

I’ll upload the Marian Antiphons separately.

The following widget should display the latest recording to be uploaded:

Above is the Radio Public widget. Below should be spotify.

And the Anchor widget:


Although I have kept the complete set of videos for the paid course, I have released quite a few for free on YouTube. My channel also includes videos on hymns, learning Latin and Gregorian chant.

All my YouTube videos are also backed up at Odysee. Sometimes I add them to my Rumble channel too.

All the Little Office Videos are uploaded to Gumroad and Udemy and you can access those here:

via Gumroad  gumroad   or   via Udemy  udemy

God bless you!