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Further research into the Little Office of Our Lady.

  • This blog has moved to Substack!

    I really like the way Substack handles podcasts. They also do a fine job with blog articles, so I’ve copied all earlier articles over and will endeavour to fix missing pieces as I go. All future article should be available on littleoffice.substack.com. We might even figure out a membership option!

  • Easter Booklet

    I’m heading away for a few days and wanted to take the Little Office with me. I’ve made this little booklet, taking out some parts that I have reliably in memory.

  • Sacred Triduum

    The Little Office is not sung in public during the Sacred Triduum. The last Little Office hour would be Compline on Wednesday and would resume with Matins of Sunday (with the Te Deum!)

  • Passiontide

    A quick note to say the in Passiontide in the Little Office the Gloria Patri is nowhere omitted.

  • Carmelite Chant

    Someone requested details on how to sing the Carmelite Little Office.

  • Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

    The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception is much shorter than the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It has no Psalms, only hymns, which all share the same meter.

  • Book Reviews!

    I will be reviewing four copies of the Little Office which are currently in print: